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Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin

Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin is a talented scientist and President of ELASTONEERING, INC., USA (, who for over three decades has been consistently advocating comprehensive and in-depth exploration and use of toroidal motion of elastic self-eversible systems to create on their basis:
- elastic torus machines and mechanisms along with transportation, loading and rescue vehicles;
- engines, power systems and devices for a variety of applications;
- systems for minimization and suppression of natural atmospheric phenomena (whirlwinds, tornados, etc) hazardous for human life;
- systems for matter structuring with pre-determined properties, etc.
The knowledge of elastic mechanics as the basis of self-eversible systems obtained through designing torus machines and mechanisms helped the scientist understand many mysterious natural phenomena.
Valeriy Shikhirin came up with a cosmogonic theory of continuously everting toroidal galaxies in the form of Shikhirin Dipole. The scientist gave a detailed description of the Universe structurization in the form of energy fields, bulk nets of vortex bundles, knots, polyhedral Shikhirin cells, etc., and focused on such issues as formation of bulk space bodies by way of:
- gathering of space substance at the sucking end of the dipole;
- formation of individual bodies from this conglomeration by rolling;
-  their evacuation through the opposite ejecting end of the dipole with subsequent movement along the channel network of the eversible space toroid, etc.
The cosmogonic Shikhirin model based on permanent circulation of the Universe matter transformations may provide answers to numerous problems related to a cyclic nature of changes on the Earth including such vital issues as climate changing, the Earth poles (axis) turning and alike.
Investigations, technical and commercial implementation of findings is the Shikhirin family business in which wife Tatyana, son Nikolai, daughters Svetlana (Larionova) and Ekaterina take an active part.

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21Hose and Torus Converters. Prospects of Their Use in Broad-Spectrum Machines and Devices.

Hose and Torus Converters. Prospects of Their Use in Broad-Spectrum Machines and Devices. A series of papers edited by V. Shikhirin and A. Korobov, VIMI, Moscow, 1995, pp.1-84

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Valeriy Shikhirin. SYNERGETICS OF ATMOSPHERE AND TORNADO AS NATURAL SELF-SUPPORTED TORUS MECHANISMS. 5-th International Science and Engineering Conference Tore Technologies, 23 24 Oct. 2008, Irkutsk State Technical University, Russia. Irkutsk, 2008, pp. 54-86. (Translation from Russian)

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23Kinematics and Electronics of Elastic Systems.

V.N. Shikhirin, N.V .Shikhirin and S.V. Larionova. Kinematics and Electronics of Elastic Systems. SEMI EXPO CIS 2000, Moscow, Russia, October 3-6, 2000, p.37-39.

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24 . , ,

.. . , , . , (), 7 (1285), 10 2001 .

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25TORTECH. Elastic Engineering of New Millennium

Dr. Val & Nick Shikhirin. TORTECH. Elastic Engineering of New Millennium. Moscow, Russia, 2000.

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26Tore Technologies as the Basis for Elastic Engineering.

Valeriy Shikhirin. Tore Technologies as the Basis for Elastic Engineering. Collected articles from the 1st International Scientific and Practical Conference Tore Technologies. June 30 July 2, 2004. Irkutsk Technical University, plenary report. Translation from Russian.

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27Elastic Machines and Mechanisms of the Future, The Summery of Technologies

Valeriy Shikhirin. Elastic Machines and Mechanisms of the Future, The Summery of Technologies, Russian Technological Review, # 2(6) 2001.

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28Tore Technologies and Elastic Engineering (Video)
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29Dr. Valeriy Shikhirin

The Dense Packing of Helical Torus, Pyramidal and Spherical Knot Surfaces of the Nano-and-Infinitely-Less to Mega-and-Infinitely-More World Washed Inside and Outside by Dmitri Mendeleevs World (Structural) Ether - the Basis for Existence of the Universe and Life

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